The iCafe team!

Cyril Meder

Born and raised in Switzerland, but “mexicano de corazón” (Mexican by heart). Enthusiastic volleyball player, soccer and volleyball referee, active in VBG (the Swiss counterpart of iCafé), and many other things. If there’s any time remaining, studying Environmental Engineering at ETH.
Erigao Haab

Growing up in three different cultures (PNG, Canada and Switzerland) I have always loved learning about other cultures and places! After finishing school in Switzerland I did my apprenticeship in nursing! Even though I loved nursing I decided it was time for something new, so I am currently in my 3rd semester of my Batchelor in occupational therapy.
When I am not studying, I like swimming, reading, biking, being out in nature or hanging out with friends.
Jonas Meli

I am Swiss, German, Cameroonian and Welsh, somehow. Besides the ETH (civil engineering) I like to play soccer, learn new languages or drink coffee.
Andrew Palmer    
Marc Ilungat    

More info to be added soon...